About Me

Where I’ve come from: Since leaving school in Scotland, I’ve spent a half a year in South East Asia, three years travelling through time, space, gender, politics, philosophy and the human condition through a degree in English Literature at Oxford, two years teaching English at a secondary school in Walsall via TeachFirst, and three years learning the art and science of effective communication in London, New York and Sydney through the WPP Fellowship. I’m now based in Sydney where I work as a Strategic Planner across brand, shopper and retail projects at IdeaWorks and GPY&R.

What I care about: I think everyone has a cause that they’re prepared to fight for and invest in more than anything else. For me, this is education. It’s the one thing that can never be taken from you once you acquire it, and it can give you access to opportunities that enable social mobility, no matter where you start in life. It’s not just about books and developing intellect, it’s also about developing a compassionate understanding about the world around you and how you can create positive change within it. A good education gives you choices for your future. It gives you more control over your own destiny than anything else. It’s truly empowering. I’m really looking forward to dedicating my time and the skills I’ve learnt over my career so far to raise awareness about the amazing work The School of St Yared does to fight poverty through education.

I’ve had the privilege of working with The School of St Yared since 2015 as part of a small WPP team. Together, we’ve created a fundraising Christmas campaign for current donors, helped secure sponsors for new students and given recommendations for effective digital engagement. Being able to visit the school in person and dedicate all my time to projects for a month is an absolute dream of an opportunity.